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Having own private pool is a long cherished dream come true for more and more people, a desire to improve and invest in their quality of life, whether for sport, health, or simply for leisure and relaxation. Our Liner Swimming Pools will help you to realize your dream quickly and inexpensively. Whether the Liner is being installed into a new pool or for renovation an old tired shell, you have the opportunity with a wide range of colours and patterns, to design and build the pool that you've always wanted, to compliment your home and surroundings and to reflect your personality. A Liner Swimming Pool is similar to a Conventional Swimming Pool having all its advantages, but at the same time overcomes most of its disadvantages. For example, the Liner is so strong that the swimming pool will not leak even if there is any ground or building movement. Many of such advantages overcome on the conventional swimming pools, makes Liner swimming pools an ideal pool system to be constructed also on or in a building.


  • Competitive, at least 30 – 40% cheaper than concrete pool.(for civil pools build as per ISPE standards)

  • Prefab pool is set up in 7 days time.

  • Average depth of the pool does not require any life guard for swimming. (As per government rule)

  • 100% Water proof.

  • Less maintenance as compared to a conventional pool.

  • Better water quality and Ph under control.

  • Chlorine usage is less in these pools.

  • Pools can be installed at any floor.

Construction & installation Complete product with filtration system (Inclusive of Erection and Commissioning)
Excluding : Excavation and decking area
( Construction includes : soling, PCC, RCC, Waterproofing (ext box type + internal) Tiling and reinforcement) Only
Excluding : Excavation & decking Area.
Erection time
(Lead time)
Erection is done in 7 working days. Erection is done minimum in 3 months.
Waterproofing 100% water proof. Prone to leakages.
Piping work No complex internal piping system. Internal piping is required for all the connection and circulation purpose.
Maintenance Low Maintenance High Maintenance
Algae formation Less prone to algae, since algae do not attach to liner. It floats if at all formed & can be skimmed of easily. Sustainable to algae Water’s continuously pH value keeps changing.Leaching of concrete material with the alkaline in water.This effect also further alters the pH of the pool water.More towards the alkalinity side.Results in to lowering efficiency of chlorine.Chlorine goes down and algae starts growing.
Can be cleaned easily as no tiles.

An alga mostly grows in between grouting of the tiles.
Acid wash is used to get ride of the algae this weakness the tiles and then tiles start pealing off.
Leakage Can be detected Difficult to detect leakages and if internal piping leakage or other such forms of leakage very difficult to detect.
Balancing tank

Not required

Required in some cases.
Dead Load
Dead load is negligible only to be considered is weight of water. Considerable dead load of the structure adding to the water weight.

Can be repaired within few days and relatively very small requirement of funds. Needs at least few months for repair and huge fund requirement for the funds.

Can be repositioned at any place at any time and shifted to new location.
Cannot be shifted or repositioned in to new location. Need to build a new pool at new location.

20 years warrantee on pool against any manufacturing defects. 2 years defect liability period only.

  • Iron remover
  • Multi Graded filter
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Package drinking water plant
  • DM plant
  • Softener
  • Micron filter (manual and automatic)
  • Swimming pool (manufacturer)
  • Waste water treatment
  • Effluent water treatment
  • Candle filter
  • Hot and Cold dispenser (with or without RO
  • Resin based point of use filtration system
  • Ozonators
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Water treatment media for conventional filters
  • Hydronumatic system
  • Solar system (for hot water)
  • Ro system on rent
  • Spa

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